Your Guide to Selling a Home

You’re never thinking about selling your home until it’s time to buy a new home, often due to changes in family, career, or lifestyle wants and needs.

The Right Price Gets You the Right Result

It is crucial to work with a savvy salesperson who really knows the real estate business—this way they’ll help price your home to guarantee the best return on your investment. Do your research and hire a real estate agent with a reputable sales record, ideally
with extensive experience in your neighbourhood. Your realtor will complete comparative market analysis (CMA); a process wherein similar sales are analyzed, garnering an estimate of value.

Setting the Stage for Sales

Your realtor should be familiar with preparing and staging your home for a sale. Home staging offers a series of methods and techniques that greatly boost an abode’s sales appeal. For instance, removing fifty per cent of a home’s furniture has proven to produce the best results in showings, while repainting is the most successful upgrade for most sellers. Of course, making minor repairs to scratches and scuffs on walls and woodwork is a must if you’re looking to achieve the best results.

Showing Does the Telling

Letting strangers into your home can be overwhelming, but in being flexible with showings you’ll drastically increase your chances of selling at the best price. Note that it might be easier to go away the first weekend your home is on the market. You don’t want to be home during showings as realtors of potential buyers prefer doing their job without any distractions or interference from the homeowner or any other external sources. You also don’t want to overshare about your home. Since you aren’t a market expert, you might say the wrong thing about your home that deters potential buyers from purchasing.

A Good Agent Is Worth Every Penny

There aren’t enough real estate blogs and newsletters in the world to help a homeowner sell their home without an agent. The best thing to do is commit to a contract with a salesperson, and let them guide you every step of the way. Making the best profit possible on your home isn’t a DIY project. Your agent is truly a perfect liaison between you the seller, and the complex real estate market. Ensure you’re aware of your salesperson’s commission on the sale ASAP. You’ll usually get what you pay for, and while you need to ensure you aren’t being overcharged, spending a little extra might pay off in the form of a bigger selling price. Agent track records are available for review, and a good agent’s track record will speak for itself.

When To List

Timing is another important factor in selling your home. There is a litany of factors that can depict the best time to put your home on the market, including geography, climate, month, behaviours and trends in your community, and the real estate market itself. If you choose the wrong time it could greatly decrease your selling price, particularly if your home lingers on the market for too long.

Be Open to an Open House

Not all homes would benefit from an open house depending on their location, but if you’re in a traffic-dense area, your open house will likely draw visitors. Suggest to your realtor that they market your open house online, as a person who wasn’t even in the market for a new home could fall in love with yours!

Paint a Picture with Professional Photography

Most realtors worth their salt understand the need for picture-perfect photography in order to market your home on various platforms, particularly online. Review every photo before they are published to ensure that not only the angles are perfect, but that each photo is rich in colour and depth.

Assess Your Listing Online

Take the extra time to look at your home listings online and double check that all the information lines up correctly. Your realtor may be an expert, but nobody knows your home better than you—meaning you’ll know all the unique features your salesperson could leave out.

Don’t Leave Buyer Hanging

Nothing irritates a potential buyer more than waiting on a seller’s
decision on their offer. It’s best to respond swiftly when, especially given an offer as most contain expiry dates. Also consider the fact that you’ll be in a buyer’s shoes soon enough when you’re looking for your home.

Prepare for Moving Early

Start packing even before your home hits the market. Movers are usually lined up months in advance and could be hard to lock down if you wait too long to start looking. Keep in mind, if you’re planning to move in May, it will be exceedingly difficult to schedule movers, as that is when they are in highest demand. Preparing early will give you peace of mind during your stressful move.

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